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Advance Spy Software

PC Data Manager (Advance Keylogger), the enhanced version of basic keylogger software, designed with advance functionality, monitors entire PC activities more efficiently. Software keeps track of entire system activities and internet usage of any external user in real time. Utility secretly records emails, online chats, instant messages, web sites visited, keystrokes typed and more in a log file format and periodically captures screenshots. All the recorded information are sent to administrator via email or upload activity log details using FTP server settings.

Detail Working Information About Advance Keylogger Software:

Record Keystroke typed: Software records every keystroke typed from the system keyboard including each pressed character, symbols, digits and other special keys.
Record Voice chat conversations:
Software records all secret online voice chat conversations performed by users from your system.
Record User-name and Passwords: Software records all user name and passwords typed on various password enabled windows applications.
Record Clipboard entries: Software records all clipboard entries and every copy-paste operations performed on different applications.
Record System login: Software records the login time when the user starts or boot the system.
Record Date/Time modifications: Software records all modifications done in system date and time.
Records Website Visited: Software records all visited web pages, web titles, internet cookies, history and temp files.
Capture Screenshots: Software captures Windows screenshots of all applications executed on the system at set time interval.
Record Emails: Software records all emails composed and sent from your system in real time.
Generate Log records: Software automatically generates log report of entire system and internet activities allowing administrator to easily view the PC activity details of user.
Send Log report: Software provides option to send log details at specified email ID facilitating administrator to check the system activities of external user at any time around the world.
Upload Log files: Software upload log report details of entire activities performed on your PC using FTP server settings.

Software Features:

  • Generates professional and easily understandable activity log report and saves in Text or Html file format at defined location on the system.
  • Password protected feature prevents unauthorized access to the software settings.
  • Undetectable in Add/Remove list, Program folders and Start Menu. Even no shortcut icon appears on the system Desktop.
  • Hot keys and Run Command settings allows user to easily access hidden software.
  • Windows explorer style interface facilitates user to easily operate the software.
  • Economical and highly efficient PC monitoring program.
  • No technical skills are required to operate the software.