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Comparison Chart

Features Description Basic Keylogger Advance Keylogger
Keyboard Strokes Recording   Records all keystroke activities including each pressed character, symbol, digit and other special keys.
Captures Snapshots   Periodically captures snapshots (Windows Screenshots) of every application executed on system desktop. ×
Clipboard Monitoring  

Records every clipboard entries and all copy-paste operations made in various windows application.

Records Voice Chat Conversations  

Records all voice chat conversations performed by user from your system in real time.

Application Activity Tracker  

Records online and offline windows application executed on the computer system.

Login Password Tracker  

Records all user logins and passwords typed on different windows applications.

Web Chat   Records entire typed online web chat details made on GTalk, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook etc.
E-mail Capture   Monitors and records all emails composed and sent from PC in real time.
E-mail Log Files   Provide option to deliver PC activity log report at your defined email address.
FTP Settings   Provide option to upload the entire PC activity log details on web page using FTP server settings. ×
Undetectable Process   Completely invisible and remains undetectable in Add/Remove list, Software Installation folder and Start Menu. No program shortcut icon appears on the system Desktop.
Hot Key and Run Command Feature   Hot Keys and Run Command feature helps to access the software running in hidden mode.